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Floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States.  When people usually think of flood insurance, they see homes and business located near a river or creek.  But that is not always the case. 

The truth is you can be miles away from a flood zone and still have a flood claim.  In fact, one in four flood claims occur in low to moderate risk areas.  So how does this happen? 

Well let’s look at the insurance definition of a flood.  That is a temporary situation where two adjoining properties are partially or completely covered by water.  And if that water comes inside your home or building, a flood claim results.   Flash flooding usually occurs without warning.  A lot of rainfall in a short period of time is all it takes to turn an normally high and dry house into a flooded property.

Here’s another thing many people don’t know.  Just a few inches of water inside your home can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  And the reality is your homeowners policy does not cover flood. 

So how can you protect your property?  Well, it is quite simply– flood insurance.  If you live in a flood zone the cost to purchase flood insurance can be quite high.  Also, there is a thirty-day waiting period for flood insurance to go into effect, unless your lender requires flood insurance when making, increasing, extending, or renewing your loan.  But if your property is in what is called a preferred zone, which has much less risk of flooding, the cost of flood insurance is actually quite affordable.  So, knowing all of this it is worth considering adding a flood policy to your coverages.

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