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Apartment complexes and landlords only have insurance that covers the damage to the actual structures they own.  This leave the renters belongings, their electronics, furniture, clothes, etc. Uninsured.  If you are a renter, to protect your belongings from fire, theft, or other damage you need your own policy called renter’s insurance.

This policy also provides liability coverage for damages caused by negligence.  For instance, if you accidentally leave the kitchen sink on and it overflows into your neighbor’s apartment, you could be found liable for that.  Your liability coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage caused by negligence—like if your dog gets loose and bites the neighbor’s kid and he has to get stitches.  Renter’s insurance would cover those costs. And these policies in most cases are relatively inexpensive.

No, none of this is fun to think about, but believe me—it’s a lot easier to plan…and pay for it before something bad actually happens to you.  MHJ Insurance is a full-service agency and we have multiple options for this and any other type of insurance you may need.