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Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Home fires are a very real risk for the Thanksgiving Holiday. These risks can be significantly reduced by being attentive to a few important safety concerns.


Turkey fryers are the biggest fire and safety hazard for Thanksgiving cooking! MHJ Partner and former claims adjustor, Lara Moffitt offers the following advice: “Be careful and mindful of all your cooking at Thanksgiving. Turkey fryers are one of the most volatile and dangerous of all small home appliances. Never leave them unattended, never overfill and be sure to follow all manufacturer guidelines. Keep the fryer as far from your home as possible and be sure it is on a flat, noncombustible surface.”

Completely thaw your turkey if you plan to fry it. Unthawed turkeys can cause severe grease pops from the water in a frozen turkey.

Sometimes we utilize kitchen appliances, such as turkey fryers, that we do not routinely use. Make sure you are familiar with the use of these appliances and that you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Finally, do not leave cooking food unattended. Keep small children and pets out of a busy kitchen, control the clutter and keep decorations away from all sources of heat and fire, such as stoves, fryers, fireplaces and candles.

From all your friends at MHJ Insurance, everyone have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving!